QUEN XT-46C silver - shoe cover machine


XT-46C silver

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Quen shoe covers, application directly to the user's shoes

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Applicable place to cover with shoes:

  • Medical environment : clinic, laboratory, hospital (operating room, CT room, X-ray room, B ultra room, ICU room, VIP room, blood center) etc.
  • Factory : food factory, pharmaceutical factory, cosmetics factory, power plant, chemical industry, dust-free room, office etc
  • Public place : High quality club, hotel, museum, top conference room, spa center, fitness center etc.
  • Property : Model house, high-level residence, etc.
  • Educational System : Kindergarten, School, Computer Room, Research & Teaching, etc.

Why choose Quen Thermo Shrinkable to cover your shoe with benefits - benefits:

  • Economical : The cost of our PVC film is economical than traditional shoe covers, 28 micron thick, more durable
  • Large capacity : One roll of film can produce 500 pairs of shoe covers (with other competing shoe boot machines, only 50-100 pair of shoe shoes is available)
  • Long design life : The design life is 300,000 cycles
  • Convenient : it takes about 30 seconds to change the roll of the film, then it can be used 1000 times in succession.
  • Comfortable : Easy to use and comfortable to wear.
  • Environment and PVC foil passed RoHS certification, is environmentally friendly
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